Horse Trainers – Not all are created equal

Finding the right trainer for your horse can be a long process. Asking around, searching forums, searching the Internet can all take time, unfortunately this cannot be avoided. Taking this time is necessary to ensure you are finding the right person for your specialty and your horse. However, do you really know if this person will be qualified enough to teach your horse, especially if your horse is young?
Some trainers for some reason tend to burn out over time. There are many factors for this, some may not be paid enough where they are working, or they take on too many jobs that they can handle. If that is the case even the best trainer can slip up with your horse. Being cognizant of that is crucial to make sure your trainer doesn’t make the common mistakes only a rookie trainer would.  This is why I recommend Five Phases Farm when looking for a horse trainer Ocala FL.

For instance, to acclimate your horse to the equipment used can take time. If this is not done appropriately then your horse may get some deep seated fear that could be hard to break. These irrational fears could make it impossible for your horse to perform the very tasks you wish it do and the whole reason why it is being trained.

Training a horse takes a certain level of confidence in what you are doing. Lacking confidence or showing any negative emotions can affect the day’s training. Training a horse should be done with care and attention to detail, for instance, every dressage trainer should know to use only the properly fitting tack when training a horse. Using anything that is uncomfortable or ill-fitting would mean that the horse will feel uncomfortable and lack the confidence to do the very thing it is being trained for, that is not what you want.

Five Phases Farm Dressage Trainer Ocala
Five Phases Farm Dressage Trainer Ocala

Horse trainers should have a wide variety of tack to fit any horse. They should also know how to fit anything on your horse, regardless of its size, so that the day’s training session is not hindered. As well, any horse trainer that is experienced should recognize when your horse is becoming exhausted or bored with the training it is being given.

As well, most horse trainers are welcoming to their horses owners. If this isn’t the case with your trainer you may want to look elsewhere. As with many things horse training deals with both the customer and the horse, and customer service shouldn’t take the back burner in any case. You should be welcome to come out and visit your horse any time while it is being trained.

You may even want to be shown how your trainer is doing his or her job; they should allow you in the pen while they are training your horse. This allows your horse to calm down and to associate you, the owner, with the training that is being provided. In many cases training a horse is very similar to that of training a dog, you as the owner must be trained how to handle your horse and your horse should be trained how to handle the situation.